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Heat Recovery System

Heat Recovery

These systems heat domestic, potable hot water utilizing heat from the discharge gas of the refrigeration system. They utilize “waste heat” from the refrigeration system that is normally discharged to the atmosphere via the condenser. Normal discharge temperatures on a chiller such as this would be 210F-250F. After super-heat is extracted, temperature is 130F-170F. This system requires a large volume hot water storage tank to “store” heat.

for a more detailed document from Doucette Industries regarding Heat Recovery technology.

CLICK HERE for an energy savings comparison from one of our clients which details the difference made by the installation of a heat recovery system.

Slide shows detailing various heat recovery installations (click on thumbnail to view):

Energy Management and Controls

Allen Bradley Micrologix controllers are used to retro fit control systems from electro-mechanical controls or upgrade from control systems that become obsolete.

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Ice Arena Snow Pit Renovation

This process utilizes direct, discharge refrigerant gas for heat, instead of typical glycol or calcium chloride applications.


  • Energy saving
  • Eliminates a pump and heat exchanger for secondary fluid heat transfer
  • Much longer service life (10-15 years) compared to typical applications (5-7 years).
  • Much smaller coil constructed of schedule 80 (extra heavy) seamless (A-106) pipe, compared to much bulkier coil constructed of 14 or 16 gauge tubing in typical applications.
  • R-22 and Ammonia applications
Snow Pit Renovation