Client Feedback

We appreciate the positive comments which we regularly receive from those to whom we've provided service!

Fox Valley Ice Arena, Geneva, IL

Fox Valley Ice Arena has been using REFRIGERATION SERVICES to service our refrigeration system for several years now, and I can honestly say that Mark Pope's service and knowledge have helped us greatly! Thanks to Mark, our system has never run this good. Mark is always willing to give honest advice, great service, at a great price...

...I highly recommend Mark for your refrigeration needs.

Icearium, Knoxville, TN

Mark has supported the maintenance activities for the refrigeration equipment for several years. He is very responsive to our needs and very knowledgeable regarding the repair, maintenance, and replacement of this equipment. Just last summer, he rebuilt one of our compressors and had it back on line within 48 hours...
...(Mark) installed heat recovery on our refrigeration that utilizes waste heat from the ammonia discharge gas to heat domestic hot water. This system is working above and beyond our expectations.

I highly recommend Mr. Pope for this type of work. I would be happy to talk with anyone regarding my experience with Mark. I can be reached at (865) 659-5996.

Suburban Ice Arena, E. Lansing, MI

I have observed Mr. Pope's work. He has always had very good response time in cases of emergencies. Most importantly I would say that since REFRIGERATION SERVICES has been working on our chiller and servicing our equipment of late, the trouble calls have been minimal. The bottom line is that we have not lost ice time since Mr. Pope has been servicing our chiller.

I would highly recommend REFRIGERATION SERVICES to anyone operating an ice arena.

The Summit - Capital Centre, Dimondale, MI

Mark Pope has provided excellent service and equipment upgrades to the Refrigeration and Dehumidification at The Summit facility for several years. He has always provided prompt, professional service at our facility.

Sunny Fresh Foods, Lake Odessa, MI

I would recommend using the technical services of REFRIGERATION SERVICES. Mark Pope has continued to provide professional quality workmanship and response times to our facility. Mark Pope has been an asset in understanding our needs and providing expedient response time in completing work with safety and quality foremost in mind.

Mark Pope has shown integrity in all his bill rates and bid packages. The abilities of REFRIGERATION SERVICES have proven valuable to our company over the past several years in trouble-shooting, compressor rebuilding, emergency service, and advice. REFRIGERATION SERVICES has installed heat recovery equipment that pre-heats water using the discharge gas from the ammonia refrigeration system. This equipment has worked well and saved our facility in operating cost.

Again, I would highly recommend REFRIGERATION SERVICES to any company operating an industrial refrigeration system.