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REFRIGERATION SERVICES began in 2000, with Mark Pope bringing with him many years of experience, serving customers with industrial refrigeration, using both ammonia and Freon refrigerants. Our customers include ice arenas and food processing plants in Michigan and other parts of the country as well as Kuwait and Argentina. Beside routine maintenance and emergency services, we offer specialized services in heat recovery, chiller retubing, snow pit renovation, and energy management and controls.


Refrigeration Services is:

  • Certified, licensed, and insured.
  • Well-qualified in all aspects of the industrial refrigeration industry
  • Member of IIAR
  • Certified for FRICK factory authorized start up and service.

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Our Goal...

  • Quick response for emergency services.
  • Quality service and the best replacement parts.
  • Cutting edge technology to maintain and improve efficiency and longevity.
  • Mechanical inspections and advice for safe and efficient operation.
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Mark Pope

Refrigeration Services Recognized with Prestigious Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Award

Thanks to a new energy conserving project, the Polar Palace Arena Complex in Lapeer is saving tons of energy every year, not to mention tons of money. And now, because of their efforts, they’re in the running to gain even more.

After installing a new waste heat conservation system that provides hot water for their Zambonis, the Polar Palace has been nominated for an award by Consumers Energy that could potentially net them $15,000 for their efforts.

Winners of the prestigious Energy Efficiency Project of the Year Award will not only receive $15,000 in prize money, but are also given statewide recognition as an energy efficiency champion. In addition, the trade ally associated with the project, (in this case Refrigeration Services from Grand Rapids), will receive $5,000.

The facility uses a reverse osmo­sis system and utilizes well water, which can be extremely corrosive, meaning that if the water heaters were replaced, they’d need to be replaced again and again throughout the years.

The new system saves approximate­ly 1,300 MCF of natural gas every year that would otherwise be required to heat the Zamboni water, and the waste heat recovery equipment is said to pay itself off in between 24 and 36 months due to energy and natural gas savings. The entire project cost the complex approximately $42,500, less a $3,525 rebate from Consumers Energy. Also, the new system is expected to last throughout the lifetime of the facility.

Mark Pope, from Refrigeration Services, installed the system, and said, “We’ve installed several heat recovery systems on refrigeration plants. It is a very good application for ice arenas, as they use large quantities of hot water for ice resurfacing. This offers a considerable savings over using natural gas to heat water.”

Consumers Energy Business Energy Efficiency Programs Project of the Year award is given to three different organi­zations annually. The categories for the award are small commercial, large com­mercial and industrial. The Polar Palace is in the running for the small commer­cial award. The award will be granted between November 1 and 3 of this year.

And, if awarded, what will they do with the winnings? “We’d use it for further improve­ments to the facility,” said Fraser.